Sports Policy 2016

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Sports Policy 2016 has been Declared on 09th March, 2016 to Establish Sports Culture in the State

With an aim to create a sports culture in the state and awaken the citizens of Gujarat to the importance of the sports, Gujarat government has announced new sports policy. ‘Sports Policy 2016’, prepared under the guidance of Hon’ble CM Smt. Anandiben Patel aims to create an incentivized dynamic sports ecosystem, based on transparency, effectiveness, and irreversibility, with inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. The policy envisages putting in place the six fundamental pillars of sports development so that the overall Human performance Index of the state gets a much-needed boost.

The policy was developed with a mission to spread awareness of sports across different sections of the society that will result in character building and inclusive development.

The Salient Features of the Policy are as under

Employment for Sportspersons for domicile of Gujarat

The state government will roll out various scholarships and incentives to attract the youth to take up a career in sports. The government will ensure that high-performance athletes are given jobs so that they can concentrate on sports.

  • Class I jobs to be offered to Olympic medal winners, Asian Games Gold medalists
  • Class II jobs to be offered to the silver and bronze medalists of Asian Games
  • 2% of Group C of the total recruitment in Government to be reserved for meritorious sportspersons.
  • 2% of the total seats in the college including professional courses such as engineering, medical and other courses will be reserved for meritorious sportspersons.

Benefits for Players

  • Scholarships and training to top athletes under Shaktidoot Scheme to represent India in International sports events. Assistance in training, sports equipment, travel up to 25 lakhs annually per player.
  • Annual benefit of 65,000 per player to 1400 total players under Swami Vivekanand Centre of Excellence towards sports nutrition, stipend and traveling expenses for sports training.
  • Cash awards will be given to winners of National – International Championships for games such as Olympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Asian Games (Seniors & Juniors) and National Games and National Championships.

Motivation to Divang Players

Special KhelMahakumbh was organized along with KhelMahakumbh to motivate Divyang Players. They should be provided with opportunities in order to display their talent. Attractive cash prize will be given to them.

Creation of Sports Infrastructure and Play fields

  • Efforts to provide at least 2000 sq yards of open field at a distance of 2 kms to play.
  • Land requirements for sports complexes to be earmarked in development plans of Nagarpalika.
  • Village Panchayats to earmark a plot of up to six acres for play fields in villages with a population of greater than 5000.
  • Multipurpose utilization of sports infrastructure for self-sustainability.
  • Involving private sector to create new sports infrastructure through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Empowering Local Communities

  • To establish a Sports Development Council at Municipal Corporations, Prants, Taluka and at District level.
  • To create a committee in each village for the development of sports &fitness related activities.

Khelmahakumbh and Khele Gujarat – Providing a Robust Competition Structure

  • To conduct KhelMahaKumbh (a systematic competition structure) to identify the talent from village to state level.
  • To train the winners of KhelMahaKumbh at Khele Gujarat Summer Camp.
  • To give assistance to organize National/ International tournaments and conduct National Games in Gujarat.
  • To organize Sports leagues in schools and colleges at Zonal and State level

Emphasis of Sports in Schools and Colleges

  • Inclusion of sports as a subject in the curriculum, at par with other optional subjects in a phased manner.
  • Guidelines will be issued for phase wise deployment of qualified physical education (PE) teachers in the schools.
  • Students while competing in state, national, international sporting events will be given flexibility in attendance.
  • 2 % of total seats in colleges, including professional courses to be reserved for meritorious sportspersons.
  • Marks for Sports will be given.

Talent Identification and Nurturing

  • DLSS (District Level Sports School) and Excellence Training
  • A Creation of District Level Sports Schools (DLSS) in each district of Gujarat.
  • To identify talent under Swami Vivekananda KhelPratibhaShodhAbhiyan from KhelMahakumbh and nurture talent in residential sports academies with the help of expert coaches, sports icons and support system.
  • To establish Gujarat Police Sports Unit – center of excellence as part of Mission Olympic Program in line with Army Sports Institute.
  • Identifying talent and giving specialized training to tribals in select sports.

Other Initiatives

  • Promoting sports tourism by taking advantage of Gujarat’s longest coastline, rivers, canals, mountains, and lakes.
  • To develop Water/Beach sports and Adventure sports in the state.
  • To set up sports goods manufacturing park.
  • To set up Gujarat Sports welfare fund especially for benefit of Ex-players
  • To promote various privately run sports academies by giving performance linked incentive schemes
  • Development of walking and cycling tracks in the state especially at pilgrim places, tourist centers, and forest areas.
  • Technology will be used for advancement of sports person and enhancing efficiency across all segments

The policy will have an all-round impact on the emerging sports paradigm with the government playing a pivotal role with active participation from supporting institutions, communities and corporate. This calls for the widest possible participation at all levels and the policy needs to be an enabler for this. This policy, therefore, will be path breaking and become a landmark in the development of the Gujarat. Through implementation of this policy, Gujarat will contribute significantly in making India a sporting powerhouse of the world.

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